Bright data for a bright future

AI in the grid to get real, unified, transparent and optimized data and make bright decisions

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Cloud based platform that digitalizes your grid by applying data, digital twin, and AI


We integrate information from different types of sources with connectors.


We digitize the measurement, debug and enrich the data to provide a unified model.


Check the real-time status of your MV and LV networks and take decisions based on insights from your data.


Our applications guarantee significant savings in management time, rather than wasting time on manual calculation tools.


We implement algorithms to predict consumption and network congestion.

Digital Twin

We digitize the infrastructure by creating a model that emulates network behavior.


The energy sector is undergoing a paradigm shift, and therefore there is a need to optimize processes and resources by making the most of digitalization.

Obtaining Unified Data

Real Time

Transparent and Accessible


A platform that leverages information from multiple devices.

Grid Basics

Check the real-time information state of your MV and LV grids at phase level, and take decisions based on the advanced analytics about your grid congestions.

Solar feed-in

Detect automatically solar feed-in facilities in your grid while fast checking their legal state and the cases pending review.

Losses detection

Automatic calculation of LV losses based on multiple sources of information at grid, substation and line levels. Visualization ranging from monthly evolution to hourly curves. 

(Big) Data Integration

Monitor the general state of your overall information from any device, and check how much expected information you are missing and which ones are not reporting.

We provide you with ongoing support in the transition to more efficient energy management.

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